430 Stainless Steel Standard Washer Video Overview

430 Stainless Steel Washers

Nov 19

When you need standard washers that will bear a great deal of stress, heat, and corrosion, 430 stainless steel standard washers will deliver the kind of performance you’re looking for. These washers are strong and magnetic, and reliably distribute load between screws, bolts, and other standard fasteners.

Because of their overall strength and resistance to heat and chemical corrosion, these washers are a suitable choice for heating and ventilation structures, chemical and food processing hardware, and a wide variety of industrial equipment.

When you get 430 stainless steel standard washers from us at Superior Washer and Gasket Corp., you’re getting access to top quality components, all manufactured in-house and according to rigorous manufacturing demands.

Whether you need 430 stainless steel standard, special, or military washers, you can find them in our catalog–or specify them through an online RFQ. You’ll get a rapid response and answers to all of your washer needs.