430 Stainless Steel Flat Washer Video Overview

430 Stainless Steel Washers

Nov 19

Corrosion resistant, magnetic, and strong—even when exposed to certain chemical conditions—430 stainless steel is a very useful industrial material. At Superior Washer and Gasket Corp., we use this metal to manufacture flat washers that are enduring and reliable in corrosive and moderate heat applications.

You’ll find our 430 stainless steel flat washers are an excellent choice for architectural, industrial and commercial applications, which include heating elements, chimneys, washing appliances, and chemical processing and farming equipment—as well as many others.

When you need them fast and in custom quantities, we are a supplier you can trust. We stock 430 stainless steel flat washers in a diverse range of sizes, thicknesses and shapes. You can specify them quickly. Just visit our online catalog or send us an instant RFQ for all custom specs and questions.