Will Black Stainless Steel Sweep The Commercial Appliance Market?


Jul 14

In the industrial sector, stainless steel is chosen for a number of reasons, including strength and corrosion resistance. While these factors come up in the commercial market, stainless steel is primarily embraced for its pleasing sheen. It’s used in all manner of applications as a result, but high-end kitchen appliances are by far the most prominent.  However, the prominence of that stainless shine may be leading consumers to look for something new and different, if a little subdued and even industrial. At least that’s what major brands like KitchenAid are banking on as they are now bringing black stainless steel appliances to the mass market.

Image Source: NOLA.com

Image Source: NOLA.com

‘Black stainless steel’ appliances coming to kitchens | NOLA.com

“KitchenAid described the finish as a combination of ‘the satiny luster of brushed steel with a warm, neutral tone that both increases its adaptability to various kitchen designs and decreases the appearance of fingerprints.’ Translation: an edgier option for those tired of traditional stainless steel. When renovating the House Beautiful kitchen in New Orleans, San Francisco designer Ken Fulk said the days of the all-white-and-stainless-steel kitchen may be nearing an end.”

While the new black stainless steel appliances look strikingly different from conventional stainless steel kitchen essentials, much of their hardware and fasteners still appear to be traditional stainless steel. That said, do you think the market will respond and there will be greater manufacturing demand to reflect this design change? Will it have an impact on your company, marketplace, or shopping choices? Tell us what you think in the comments.