What Will A Broken Water Works Infrastructure Really Cost Us?


Jul 16

According to the American Water Works Association, the U.S. is facing at least a trillion dollar bill when it comes to restoring and maintaining our waterway infrastructure. If, however, we fail to make such an investment, the consequences could be quite severe. Current and projected water scarcity issues are one of the primary reasons that experts are stressing the need to take action on this specific part of our infrastructure.

Experts: US Needs At Least $1.34 Trillion To Improve Pipeline Infrastructure | International Business Times

“’The bottom line is that we’re not investing in our underground infrastructure. Hundreds of billions in water and sewer improvements are not being made,’ Patrick Cairo, senior vice president for corporate development at Suez Environment, told non-profit media organization Fair Observer.  Most public officials are now upping their respective games to be part of this nationwide advocacy. Local officials are now listening attentively to the sentiments of their constituents because the call for cleaner and newer pipelines are becoming louder and louder every day.”

While bringing the issue to the attention of the masses is one thing, many are rightfully concerned about where the necessary funding can be found. The year 2025 has been predicated as the year that billions around the world will face absolute water scarcity. Perhaps that notion will be enough to inspire investment or risk paying a greater price.

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